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Learn to Paint with

Wax and Fire


If, like me, you are fascinated with the look, feel and luminosity of encaustic painting, and think you’d like to learn the basics of this ancient art form, then you are in luck.

Starting this year, I am hosting encaustic workshops for beginners in my Portland, OR studio.


Sign up for my mailing list on my Contact page and you’ll be the first to know the time, dates and place for the upcoming workshops.

Special thanks to the Regional Arts and Culture Council for the grant that makes these workshops possible.


Upcoming workshops

Discovering Encaustic
Saturday, June 25, 2022
NW Marine Art Works
Portland, OR
noon-3 p.m.


This introductory class consists of demos and hands-on experience with encaustic paint. We will start with the basics of prepping the surface, then move on to painting, fusing, image transfer and more. Each attendee will take up to three finished pieces home.


WATCH FOR UPCOMING WORKSHOP IN November---DATE TBD. See Contacts page for more information.

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